Have You Ever Wondered?
Have you ever wondered just how our lives down here are done?
How someone's family is really large and some have only one?
Is there a lucky number that's pulled from someone's hat?
Is there a Heavenly raffle where you win this or that?

Mom and Dad Thompson were really lucky in the game they chose to play.
Before one baby was more than 2, another one was on the way.
Will any of us understand or should we even try?
Some of us grow to be adults while others have to die.

Should we even question, but give thanks to God above,
for having such a family to share our sorrows, laughs and love.
How many families as big as this Thompson clan,
can meet each year with special friends like the Johnsons & Thompsons can?

All eleven sons are still alive and feeling pretty well.
Just who is getting fatter, it is very hard to tell.
There there are the daughters, which have been two for many years.
The Thompsons, Vivians & Bowers have shared laughter, pain and tears.

But have you ever wondered how some families can be so blessed -
How most of us can meet each year to laugh, talk, dance and rest?
Isn't it a blessing when we may have problems, big or small,
we know we have this family, to answer when we call.

Yes, I do wonder just how our lives down here are done.
Why our family is so large, when some have only one.
If there was a lucky number, and I pulled from a hat,
I'm glad I was so lucky to have all of this, instead of that!

Our Beloved Dad
Although these years have gone so fast,
You've decided to stop and realize it at last.
You've shown the world in your younger years,
What it takes to be a family man and keep us with his career.

Today is a day never forgotten by your two sons who are far away.
Serving in the forces where you would be if you were younger.
This makes your forty-fifth year of struggling to keep us straight.

This goes to show men who are far away,
that life is sweet and lovely the older you get each day.

Now calm yourself and try to live, the life you older men ought to live.
Your sons will be praising you always for this.

Written for Elmer Thompson
on his birthday in the year 1942
by his son, PFC C.E. Thompson

Tribute to Dad
There is nothing more priceless than the life we have here.
Each a part of a family, with children so dear.
We each have a choice what our life here will be.
The things enjoyed most are given us free.

With parents and children we meet here today,
to forget all our problems to just visit and play.
Dad Thompson as head of this big Thompson clan -
Find a healthier family (I don't think you can)!

Dad & Mom can sit back and feel very proud.
They're the cause and beginning of this rambunctious crowd.
We wish to pay tribute to them both here today.
We are proud to be Thompsons, and just want to say,
"Happy Father's Day, Dad - May you have many more!"
We've enjoyed this day more than ever before.

Dad Is With Us Here Today
It's reunion time again and Dad is with us here today.
We can feel his sweet, warm presence as we laugh and run and play.
Now he can be with every one of us and can see into our hearts -
For you see, a loving father and his family never parts.

He will share each game and story, he will share the food we eat;
He can run and laugh and feel no pain, for his life is now complete.
Let's make him very proud of us and let him feel our love;
Let's make him very happy as he watches from above.

We know not much about his life beyond the pearly gate.
I've heard the road is narrow and very, very straight.
But Dad will help us enter into his home on high,
he'll be there glad to greet us, when it's our time to die.

It's such a lovely feeling to know within our hearts,
that once we've gone to join him, we will never have to part.
So until then, remember, as we talk and run and play,
our dad who left before us is with us here today.

I know that we all miss hiim, but we must carry on.
We want to express our love and thanks for our mother and for John.
Yes, let's show we love each other as we laugh and talk and play,
for we know our Dad who left before us, is with us here today.

Margaret Thompson
July 24, 1983